Learn to Hit at GunFight Speed

TPC trains armed citizens and professionals to perform at gunfight speed. Our Reactive Shooting Science, a scientifically based/tested shooting doctrine, is the fastest and easiest way to train any size/strength shooter to hit at gunfight speed.

We use objective and realistic performance measurements, personalized low student ratio instruction, and a staff of the best shooters in the world to take your shooting skill as far as you want or need.

Train with us at our large range in Southern Utah or we can come to your facility.

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We love talking shooting and training.

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Are you LEO or Mil?


3 Day Handgun Mastery Courses for armed professionals, citizen defenders, competitors, and instructors.  Mastery levels 1,2,3 and 4 are certified and prove significant skill and achievement.

Instructor and Unit Skill Development or Certification Courses only available to Law Enforcement and Military Units.

5 Day Competition Super Camps Handgun & PCC led by National and World Champions.  Jump start your classification and performance.

Private individual and small group training for handgun, carbine, or tactical shotgun.

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    5 star review  Beyond amazing! As a fairly competent shooter I was almost without words as to the level of knowledge and application they were able to teach me in 3 short days!

    thumb Kent Higginbotham

    5 star review  For anyone looking to improve your skills, you need not look any further than TPC. Whether you're a newcomer to the sport, or more experienced, TPC will help you improve. I've been shooting competitively for a few years, and have taken several classes from some very good instructors, but I can say without reservation that the program at TPC is an incredible value. The approach Ron Avery and all of the instructors take is to break down in great detail the mechanics of shooting. The detail, and the sequencing of the exercises give you both the macro and micro view of shooting technique. TPC's approach to the fire control triad (stance/grip/trigger control), very clearly breaks down the mechanics needed to control the pistol. The shooting sports are much easier when the pistol rapidly, and effortlessly returns to the starting point (sights aligned). If you're looking to improve your abilities, look no further than the fine folks at TPC!

    thumb Francis Foo

    5 star review  Took the Competition Handgun Mastery Class. Ron, Ken and the rest of the staff are World Class instructors! Thoroughly enjoyed the class and can't wait to come back to take another class!

    thumb Cory Goff