2 Day Handgun - Learn to Hit Fast

This course is perfect for those who want rapid improvement, either as novices or that may be experienced but have never had formal high quality training.

Experienced shooters may want to use this as a tune-up to clean up (or introduce) fundamentals needed for consistency under speed and stress.

Novices as a way to gain confidence and put their entre into shooting on a strong fundamental base.

The way we teach, with the great student to teacher ratio means that each student gets what they need.


Fundamentals that work at Gun Fight Speed (4 to 5 shots per second):

  • a defensive shooting stance that works at high speed
  • gripping the gun for confident, accurate, high speed shooting
  • trigger manipulation for easy speed and definite accuracy

Manipulations that work under stress:

  • rapid presentation to a hit at 7 yards (4x6 target)
  • a fast draw that ALWAYS gives you a great grip (if concealed, we can modify and work with your setup)
  • how to reload, always seat the magazine and re-establish a great grip

Advanced Skills (for some students that advance or returning students):

  • how to shoot strong hand with confidence, accuracy and speed
  • shooting at distances past 10 yards
  • multiple targets at speed
  • shooting on the move

Why us?

Low student to instructor ratios.  Personalized instruction.  World class instructors - they could be teaching a SWAT unit the day after you.

Learn to shoot the way the best shoot. Nothing dumbed down. No limits should you decided to focus on continuing growing your shooting skill.

No jargon. No yelling. No cussing. No assumptions about knowing much about guns.

If you aren't very good, that's fine. We were once too. We've BEEN there!  We won't judge. All we ask is try what we suggest. Let's see how it goes!

We wrap all of this in a  family friendly, new shooter friendly approach designed to deliver great skill in just one day or one weekend.

If you want to come in for 2 days off mid-week, that's cool too.  Just message to coordinate a schedule that works for you.  We can generally accomodate that fairly easily.

Where offered:

These courses are offered in our St. George, UT campus (1.5 hours north of Las Vegas, about 20 miles from Zion National Park), or can be hosted at your range.

Is TPC right for newer shooters?

We are well known as an elite training center visited by top shooters, police and military instructors, and elite military and police tactical units.

But did you know that we've trained _thousands_ of brand new shooters?

You have to start somewhere... why not learn the way the best shoot, right from that start?


First off, we are always family friendly in all of our classes. No cussing. No war stories. No sexual innuendo.

If you want to give your family the gift of shooting skill, contact us for custom family packages to help you make the trip as affordable and useful as feasible.  Email or call.

Corporate Incentives

Similarly, it's quite common to use shooting training as a bonding or incentive tool for companies.   As I write we had a team of people out working for the day with a mortgage company from Northern Utah.

Giving your employees a day or a weekend at the range could be the highlight of their year - and give you a chance to be the hero!

For these, we can do our courses privately for your group.  This can scale from 4 to 40 people, for a day or a weekend.

As with families, we will not violate any corporate standards on speech, dress or interpersonal relationships.  We are completely professional - all about your learning experience.

Training tactical teams
Call us

This is a big decision!  Feel free to call us. We answer questions, help solve issues, and generally we love to chat about shooting!

435 767-1299

Email Us


$550 less any applicable discounts (LEO, Mil, Multiple Students)

We have an insanely simple refund policy, if you can't make it, reschedule or refund. No worries.

Also, it's never happened, but if you are unsatisfied with the training, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Given our 1 to 4 instructor to student ratio, this is a great value compared to classes where you are one amongst the crowd.

Please notify me from time to time of new content or classes.

(We won't share your e-mail, or bug you. We periodically send e-mails with articles, videos, and schedule updates.)