Tactical Performance Center – Why?

We could do other things. Ron is a former law enforcement officer. Ken a serial software entrepreneur.  Why did we start TPC?   What do we believe?

Our primary “Why”:

We believe skill at arms is an important human skill.

We do all we can to advance skill at arms in our students and community.

Other core beliefs:

We believe that courage and skill do not wear a uniform.

Our customers are armed citizens, police officers, soldiers, sailors, firearms instructors, and competitive shooters.  They all believe that skill at arms is important.  We believe they can do it.

We believe a shooting doctrine should work for all students.

Ours works for experienced students, beginning students, big, small, weak, injured, strong, light and heavy students.   Everyone.

We believe in measuring and testing skill under stress.

Are you good? Let’s find out how good. Know it. Improve it.

We believe in what works.

We do not teach what or how we taught 25 years ago.  We adapt based on student outcome, our own research, results from the competition arena, and feedback from our students coming back from the fight.