Exercise: Diminishing Dots - Give the Target Its Due

Summary:  This exercise is another vision “See What You Need to See” honing tool.  You might guess, correctly, that we think Seeing What You Need to See is important.
Time:   30 minutes
Rounds: 100 live, 100 dry
Target:  Diminishing Dot
Start Position: Compressed Imminent Threat, 3 to 7 yards (based on skill)
Dry Variant:  Same as Live


We’ve numbered the targets, but don’t use a version with numbers on them. You need to start thinking about hitting regions, not spots. They are numbered here to help you plan the exercise. 

1. Commit to doing this at the pace of doing it RIGHT.    Right now… look at each target and decide what you need to see on each. 
    (Hint… try an ever improving sight picture in a circle smaller than the actual target.  What you need to see for #4 will be much tighter and precise than #1, probably using the tip of the front sight, not the post).

2. For at least the first 10 reps, step away, and step in and rebuild your stance and grip from scratch each rep.

3. Do this dry first. Then hot.

4. Present to circle 1, then shot 2, 3, 4   – 4 times (16 rounds)

5. Present to circle 2, then 3, 4, 1, 2   – 4 times (16 rounds)     32 rounds

6. Present to circle 3, then 4, 1,2,3     – 4 times (16 rounds)

7.  Present to circle 4, then 1,2,3          – 4 times (16 rounds)   64 rounds

8.  You now have 46 rounds left.  Do 10 rounds of any sequence you want.  Play with it. have fun.

9.  You know have 6 rounds left.   Present to the TPC logo and eliminate it. 

10. Write down what worked in your journal.  Write down ideas for improving


Do not change how you move the gun for harder targets… move it at the same pace – as quickly as you can move it without going past the target.  See what you need to see. Give the trigger press the target is due focused on ISOLATING the trigger from the rest of your grip.  Let recoil happen.  Call the Shot (if you are that far along).   Find the sights again and reset the trigger AT THE SAME TIME.  Repeat. 


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