Exercise - The WalkBack 5 40 (WB 5 40) - an exercise and a test

Summary: Shoot from 5 yards to 50 (reduced tgt at 25) in this test of draw, vision, and trigger.
Rounds: 40
Targets : USPSA/IPSC Metric Target,  PractiMini

We recommend watching the video.


– each string starts from holster, with gun loaded, hands relaxed at side, safety on if your firearm has one.
– 5 strings of 5 shots on the IPSC / USPSA target at 5,10,15,20,25 yards
– Score and replace with PractiMini target 
– 3 strings of 5 shots each on the practimini at 15,20,25 yards (simulating 30,40,50)
– add up points on each target (5 for alpha, 3 for C, 1 for D, -5 for misses)
– add up string times
– divide to come up with points per second
– a calculator is available from classes.tacticalperformancecenter.com/tpc-rating


– Lift your firearm at a pointing pace, even on the hard shots
– Do it cold as a test of where you are without warmup
– Use it when warmed up to test/train as you like