Exercise: 1″ Dots Fastest 75 with a Twist

Exercise: 1" Dots at Speed

Summary:  Shoot dots as fast as you can hit them. An exercise for the “speed” portion of a practice.  You can try this cold as well from time to time to see where you are on high pressure shooting with no warmup.  

Rounds: 75
Target: 1″ Dots (https://classes.tacticalperformancecenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/TPC_1_Inch_Circles_Target.pdf)
Time:  < 1 minute
Start Position: Compressed Imminent Threat, 3 to 5 yards (based on your skill)
Procedure:  3 Shots in Each Dot, on the clock, add 2 seconds for each miss.
Variant:  1 shot in each dot, 3 strings.
Dry variant:  You can do this try but it is very important to be honest about your hits.  When dry, because of no recoil the focus changes to Isolating the Trigger

Standard:   Go at a pace where you hit at least 4 dots per row.  World class shooters do this in about 25 seconds with 3 misses. For a total of 31 seconds.

Sometimes, when practicing, you have to step on the gas… shoot fast… add pressure.   You can do this cold, as a measure (but not for training), or in the middle of a practice where you carefully think about what you want to accomplish with it.  Do NOT end on this, as we prefer to end positive, slow and doing things exactly right. 

What fundamental are we learning here… well this tests several, but the biggest payoff will be Letting Recoil Happen (step 4 of the Reactive Shooting Cycle).  And Isolating the Trigger (Step 3). 

Shoot either 3 strings of 1 shot on each row.  Or 1 string of all 75.   

Your time = Your Raw Time + (2 seconds * each miss). 

More than 5 misses = NoGo, reconsider the pace you are doing it at.  

What to think about… in sequence… 

  1. see your perfect sight picture (learn it on the top row with lines in the circles).
  2. isolate the action of your trigger finger
  3. let recoil happen
  4. call the shot (if you are at that point in your education)
  5. follow thru – find the sights again while resetting the trigger AT THE SAME TIME
  6. see #1
Try it dry for a bit if that helps. Then… unleash the calm, precise, mentally focused, visually driven monster within. 
Write down in your journal what worked to get you through this with < 5 misses.  And what you want to try next time that might improve your performance.