Handgun Mastery Course Prep/Refresher Materials

This is for students coming to class who want to get a bit of a head start, or for students that attended and want a refresher before practicing or training (or returning to TPC for a class).

These are copyrighted material shared here only for personal use to improve your shooting skill.  They may not be embedded or shared in any other location.

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Student Guide

This is the student guide for the Handgun Mastery initial 3 day  course that all new students take.

You will be better prepared to take advantage of your time at class if you read, know, and think about before you come to class.

If you have questions, check out the Community link above for answers and to discuss in more detail.

The Reactive Shooting Cycle holds the key to accurate and early shots. Learn it. For help on what it means and how to use it search for articles and videos in our channel. In particular, the Best 75 (linked below)

We recommend this exercise heartily. It will help you shoot better and also, importantly, help you arrive prepared with at least a cursory knowledge of the doctrine.  Try it for 3 or 4 times before you come to class. You will rock it!

Draw/Rising/Holding a firewarm with Sights Aligned is CRITICAL.

It's so critical we'd love it if you came to class already doing it.

It's not like it's hard - you just have to decide to do it, and then do it enough so it becomes the natural way you present a firearm!

Here is an exercise to help.

Here is a video on the start positions you will use in our classes. It will help to watch and practice them (dry or live).


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