Hosting a Course At Your Range


We travel every month to ranges all over the world and can provide any course we offer except for the Competition Super Camp (that requires infrastructure only available at our home range).

A 2 day course costs $695 per student, with 10 paid students minimum required.

A 3 day course costs $895 per student, with 10 paid students minimum required.

A 5 day course costs $1,295 per student, with 10 paid students minimum.

The typical class is 12 to 18 students, but we can scale up to 50 (see below).

For the host range or organizer we provide a free slot to use as they like, or pay applicable bay / range usage fees.

Some range fees (if excessive) may apply, this will be noted on the course description.

This brings a minimum of a lead and assistant instructor and one more instructor for each 6 to 8 students signed up.

We may add a travel/lodging cost if outside CONUS,  but not always.  Please message to work out a formal quotation.


Due to the way we teach we need a minimum of 2 bays. And we then need an extra bay for each 6 to 8 students. We do not like big lines of shooters. We can make it work, but it is _not _ a good learning environment, or particularly comfortable for us or the students.

Normally target stands, target backers, sticks, and any steel to be provided by the host range.   We will bring timers, other gear we use to teach, and specialized TPC targets.

Contact us to schedule and work out the details.   We'd LOVE to come to your range, see your part of the world, and make some new friends.


Purchase below using the shopping cart (or see below for check/invoicing).  Due the nature of the product, most discounts will not apply.

If you have attended a course within the last month you can apply the money spent on that course to this purchase.  We will invoice you the difference. Please contact us to arrange.

If you prefer to pay by check or from an invoice (i.e. for an agency or business), please message us.

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