A Systematic Way to Perform Better Than You Thought Possible

We teach that accuracy is the only acceptable outcome. And that earlier is better than faster.

We use Reactive Shooting Science(tm) to accomplish those two goals.

Reactive shooting, put simply, is reacting to a threat or other stimulus and delivering an accurate shot (or shots) as early as possible.  It works in any tactical doctrine and for any sized, shape, or strength shooter.  It works well with handgun, carbine, or shotgun. It is well-suited for use by law enforcement to avoid gunfights, as well as end them early if unavoidable.

Reactive Shooting Science integrates your body, mind, and weapon in a system that is resistant to stress and that persists between practice sessions because it takes advantage of what you naturally do when threatened or stressed.

We welcome all skill levels or experience.  All students start at Level I, which when completed means you are actually pretty good.   Level II adds shooting skill under dynamic situations and targets. Level III focuses on consistently high performance.  Level IV, by invitation only,  is where you learn to teach our doctrine at the highest levels, or perform at your highest levels.

We measure our success through yours.  We are the happy, never yell, never cuss, always positive, student success focused center for shooting excellence. 

Ron Avery

Our Co-founder, Ron Avery a former law enforcement officer, world class professional shooter and firearms trainer has been studying and teaching the science of modern high performance shooting for almost 4 decades.
His highly successful doctrine, Reactive Shooting Science, is the basis for our programs. We teach the principles and techniques of reactive shooting for lethal force and other applications in a powerful learning format that can be applied to anyone.
Whether you are a beginner or a highly advanced shooter, our programs are designed to help you understand and apply the principles of modern high performance shooting and increase your knowledge and skill level quickly. For Instructors, our programs help you work with shooters of all performance levels and get them shooting better - faster.

How we Teach (Personalized)

You are never lost or left out in our school.  We use a very high instructor to student ratio and also rotate students thru daily personal sessions with a lead instructor.  Even in our largest classes students are surprised to find out personalized the instruction is.

What about Carbine?

All students start with Handgun Mastery Level I.  The concepts learned in that course apply through out all other courses. A one day Carbine L1 upgrade course adds in carbine specific concepts and L1 testing/rating.

Measured and Objective

We believe in knowing your skill. "I'm Good" is well and good, but I'm a "93% on a comprehensive test of shooting/performance skill" is more precise and useful.

All students may opt to take the TPC Rating (tm), an 8 string, 49 round, test that comprehensively compares shooting skill under pressure and dynamic situations to the best in the world.  It's like other tests, but compared to the best students.

The test will be available, for anyone, via our TPC Score app and website currently under development.

Only performances run by certified TPC staff are "verified" rating suitable for advancement between training levels or for use as certifications of skill outside of TPC.

TPC Score has other tests you can take, as well as targets and exercises you can use at your home range.

Skill Levels Built on Solid Foundation

Our training is divided into different performance / skill / knowledge  levels.  The levels are measured separately for Handgun or Carbine. All students start with Handgun. Those interested in Carbine may add a 1 Day Carbine upgrade to a Mastery I course.

Advancement between levels happens based on shooting performance tests, evaluations of proper execution, and oral or written tests ensuring the student knows the doctrine (or where to find it) well enough to teach it to themselves.

Level I teaches you the Reactive System as well as how to use it to improve your shooting performance. Advancement from Level I requires a score of 100 or higher on the TPC Rating (TPC 24 and WB25).   Attainment can typically happen in the initial Handgun Mastery 3 Day course.

Level II advances the speed and accuracy of the basics learned in Level I and adds in shooting under dynamic situations, such as moving, arriving at cover, strong hand/weak hand.  When you pass Level II standards,  you will be a very strong shooter (among the best on your home range), know the Reactive Shooting doctrine well enough to diagnose and improve your own shooting, and have a 65% or higher TPC Rating.

Level III adds the mental and physical skills for performance on demand, both on the TPC Rating and also on unfamiliar challenges. You will also design, with instructor help, a training plan for your return home.  This level is very personalized, usually working in groups of 4 or less with our most experienced instructors.

Level IV may be entered by consent of TPC founders. It is reserved for those we think ready to start teaching doctrine in their agency or unit, or for those demonstrating the potential (skill and drive) to achieve at the highest levels of performance.  This level is customized to each student's goals.

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